Mail In Black - captcha / proof of work for email

This is an interesting service which is a bit like’s “screener” feature (require allow-listing for all new email correspondents). Basically it sends everyone an auto response the first time they message you, asking you to prove you’re human and that the email is worth your time.

Reminds me of “proof of work” in bitcoin currencies. A downside is that it requires you to forward mail through their servers (privacy / security) and costs €€. Still, cool concept that keeps your inbox cleaner (and annoys your old school friends and new business contacts): Products MAILINBLACK PROTECT - Mailinblack

Thanks to Jos Poortvliet for the tip :wink:

Ah yes, saw this working quite some time ago (just once :slight_smile:)
IIRC it was when I wrote to a public servant in my previous city.

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Welcome @facto :grinning: Was it the same service? I’ve seen ones demanding crypo, but I think those are only used by inboxes which have been compromised as part of a scam.

Yes, it was, just found it in my mailbox. With a proper French translation of their “invitation” template message to prove I’m not a robot :slight_smile:

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