Lightmeter not read mail.log

Hello, I copied a log from another server into /var/log and so I see it is not reading it.

2021-11-01T14:16:50Z INF src/logeater/dirwatcher/dir_importer.go:709 > Starting importing log file: mail.log service=controlcenter
2021-11-01T14:16:50Z WRN src/logeater/dirwatcher/dir_importer.go:757 > Could not parse log line in {1 mail.log} service=controlcenter

Any ideas?

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Hey and welcome @pi314 :grinning: Seems like you reported this on GitLab also, which is very helpful.
Someone more technical than me will take a look soon; probably they’ll ask is on line 1 of your mail.log file, seeing as that is the text which the Lightmeter parser is having trouble with.
If you’re able, you could already post that to make debugging easier. Or wait until someone else has a better suggestion :wink: