Interesting mail clients

Unfortunately email has got a poor reputation as an old fashioned and inconvenient communication channel among many users. This perception is primarily based on quality of mail clients, which unfortunately has evolved much slower than other chat apps like Telegram, Slack, and RiotX (Matrix).

That’s why it’s interesting to note the new generation of mail clients which promise to innovate and improve user experience. Here’s a short list of ones which I’ve noticed recently:

  • Mailspring (forked from Nylas mail, Open Source, nice usability and automation features)
  • Superhuman (main workflow automation system, proprietary, controversial
  • Juicy Mail (proprietary, as yet unlaunched, focus on usability)
  • Blue Mail (proprietary, contact and conversation grouping features, chat-like interface)
  • Hey (proprietary?, as yet unlaunched, see dedicated topic)

This doesn’t include the new chat-over-email based apps (that deserves a dedicated topic in my view), or mobile-platform specific apps.

What cool clients are missing and what differentiating features do they have?