How will Google's AMP affect deliverability?

Google has been growing the use of AMP in email (Accelerated Mobile Pages). That includes signing up big senders like SendGrid, Sparkpost, Mailgun, as well as mail clients Outlook, and er Gmail.

But my understanding is that to use AMP, you must be registered with Google and their Postmaster tools, and that your membership is contingent upon the performance of your sending. Thus Google has mixed email content with email delivery into a single technical bundle which they control (with support from their hand-picked board of pals).

This seems like a bad omen for independent mailserver admins – is it possible for our users to use AMP content in emails (and for that content to be opened and rendered by the few mail clients which support it)? Will our IPs reputation suffer if our users try to send AMP content without Google’s approval?

Please share any experience you have with distributing AMP messages through via your servers.