Good TLD, bad TLD -- gmail dislikes .email

Interesting, eyebrow-raising list of “most abused” top-level domains at spamhaus:

Based on the experience of a user in the ISPMail’s matrix room, gmail considers the .email TLD more spammy than others.
Even with everything properly configured (spf, dkim, dmarc, ptr) and having been around for a long time, emails from that user to gmail still land in the spam folder…

.surf :smile: that’s not fair! Surely unrelated to surfing, perhaps related to the web (outdated metaphor?)?

Shame about .email. Such a venerable name and set of technologies, put to such misuse. I’ll abandon plans to use for an alternative mx hostname them (yes I registered it some time ago).

On the plus side .email domains cost only 6$ at